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The Beverage Manufactory

Each story has to start somewhere. Ours begins in a small, culturally diverse town in the north of Italy called Bolzano. The story of SIMIX began in 2017 at a wedding in Bolzano. At the beginning the bridal couple welcomed the guests with an aperitif, but there was no choice of non-alcoholic alternatives. Since I arrived by car at that time, I did not want to consume alcohol. Thus, in the end, I only had the choice between an orange juice and a glass of water. This awakened in me the ambition to create such a situation in the future for myself and all other people in this world, who, despite not drinking alcohol, do not want to give up taste.

The solution

SIMIX is a non-alcoholic alternative to a classic aperitif. The drink can be used pure as a drink, or as an ingredient in a cocktail. The taste components have been seasoned so that they complement each other perfectly and together create a unique taste experience. Only high quality juices and naturally derived flavors were selected for the ingredients. SIMIX can not only be drunk as an aperitif, but it is also possible to create cocktails with it. These can either be non-alcoholic or become alcoholic with the addition of a spirit. Gin, Vodka, Rum and Prosecco are very well suited to SIMIX.

The beverage equality our unique, high quality, pre-mixed aperitifs have helped us achieve means that we have been able to create an entirely new class of drink.

Wherever, Whenever

With SIMIX, you don’t have to drink alcohol. We’ve all been in the position at one time or another in which consuming alcohol wouldn’t be the best decision you could make, yet you can drink our aperitifs at any time… wherever, whenever and with whomever you like.

The fundamental point, which differentiates our product from all the rest, is the feeling of belonging. Whether you choose an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage, the one thing that will remain with you is the feeling of belonging to a group.