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with alcohol 70cl
without alcohol 70cl


When the sun begins to dip towards the horizon in the late afternoon and you join your friends to enjoy the sunset, you can’t deny that this is the perfect moment to indulge in a refreshing, high quality aperitif. Made from the best Mediterranean ingredients, this drink is guaranteed to bring a dash of summer warmth to the winter months. This is all possible tanks to the SIMIX company’s brand new ideas for unique aperitifs.

SIMIX puts all alcoholic and non-alcoholic aperitifs on the same level. All of our alcoholic and non-alcoholic aperitifs don’t differ in appearance or taste.


Real fruit is important to the SIMIX experience and this authenticity is evident from the very first sip. With our creatively combined Fruit-Duos, each containing a hint of refreshing fruit, every sip is a taste sensation.


As human beings, we are often inspired by the opportunity to try out new and exclusive things… rarely do other drinks on the market offer such high quality ingredients in such stylish and appealing packaging. We’re sure you’ll be impressed, even before you take your first sip.

From Italy

Everyone’s familiar with the Italian approach to life. Socialising with friends, enjoying mamma’s cooking and sipping refreshing cocktails on the beach or in the rustic, narrow alleyways of the old part of town. This, alongside a solid brand, is the true embodiment of la dolce vita. The best thing about SIMIX products is that the alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions of our aperitifs look and taste exactly the same. Both variants guarantee that explosion of flavour you crave every time!